Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fraudsters are like SHEEP in WOLVES clothing

Like good things in life, there are always bad things and bad people that pop up to turn a good thing bad. I want us all to note well from the beginning of this article - BEWARE  OF  FRAUDSTERS - THEY  ARE  LIKE  SHEEP  IN  WOLVES  CLOTHING.

They come to you in the form of so called friends, facebook associates, office clerk and like me - LINKED-IN  CONNECTEES.

They present some real good offers and unbelievable too and their catch is usually that they are the most kind, love-a-ble, helpful people on earth. They stay communicating with you before and during the offer until they get to swindle you out of your hard earned money or goods and then some you never hear from again, while others play like they have customer service in a Big Reputable Company when all they have is a Sprint Cell Phone in a little office with some friends answering it to make it sound like a very big office.

Some scammers are daring. They send you threats to try and hush you up and never waste their money calling you. After all, they have your money right?

The FBI offers some real good advice on:


Always remember, if you are lucky to  get scammed from people who register their businesses with the state and have operating bank accounts in reputable banks, you stand a much better chance indeed of catching the culprits. Contact their or your local state police, contact InterPol - International Police, Contact the FBI. In the earlies, do everything to expose them to get back your hard earned money. Consult legal luminaries to help you, they will love cases like that because if the registered culprit is caught, they can be ordered to pay 1000s of dollars and maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation to you, the state, financial regulators and their companies and pictures can be posted all around the internet to warn others. Sometimes their linked-in and facebook and twitter accounts can be banned depending if it is really pushed far.

Always remember - Fraudsters love to use DELAY TACTICS.

Registered Fraudsters running businesses really don't understand the type of trouble they can get their employees into because everyone apart of such organizations will become the highlight of investigations. Their office clerk, their accountants, etc

Remember, most of Bernie Madoffs victims never got back their monies, so before you end up a SCAM  VICTIM, do your research well. I can't even say that now, because if I can set up a great website in 1 hour and build a reputation across the internet in 3 days, there must probably be more scammers in the world than honest people.

Have you ever been scammed before? Whether of a little amount or a big amount?

If not. . . . .don't get scammed! Doesn't feel good! Follow this blog as I share with you emails from scammers and how you can quickly become prey and how some are even daring to not want to give you back your money but continue their operations.

I've been there, from EBAY to Florida - I've been there. Don't get scammed from a little or big amount - BEWARE  OF  FRAUDSTERS - they are like sheep in wolves clothing.

I have an exciting case that I want to share with you from Lauderhill - Florida if. . . .just if. (This would be a very exciting case for CNN, NBC and news agencies to carry just if) It will bring lots of viewers or listeners to your station if you break the news first.

Hold my email handy:  . . . and if .. . .Just if

Khrystus Wallace, Consultant

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