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President Barrack Obama - There are Florida Fraudsters using a Registered business in the USA to SCAM WorldWide Victims - Your Unilateral Action is Need URGENTLY to save America's Name and Prevent another GUN CRIME


21st January, 2013

Mr. Barrack Obama
President of The United States of America
The White House
Washington DC


Dear President,

Congratulations on your 2nd Inauguration as the 1st Black President of the United States of America and special greetings on this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day from The Youth Organization that I founded 5 years ago - Dare 2 Be Different International - in St. Kitts - West Indies and expanding all across the globe.

Having reached out for weeks to your Florida Authorities without any response, communication or update, I have to write to you sir and make this case public so as to not only help myself, but also others and suggest to you another cause of the rise in GUN  CRIMES in your nation.

Firstly, I want to make it clear that there are Fraudsters with a registered business in Lauderhill, Florida that are reaching out to Individiuals in the USA and Internationally via social media, pretending to be ACCREDITED  INVESTORS /  LOAN  BROKERS  and Scamming persons by charging an advance fee for a loan. (This is a FELONY IN FLORIDA  AND  IT  WAS  REPORTED)

They claim to be astute Christians and through phone conversations, they state that they are board members of the church they are affiliated with, which is quite a reputable organization in Florida and this causes people to trust them.  (The Pastor Confirmed that they are members, but in no way board members having reached out to him with regards to the situation)

Dear Mr. President, I was caught by Steven and Kelly Williams of Integrity Pro Cleaning LLC - registed on . I was scammed by them and even after their threat to sue me for US$50,000 if I talk about it, I refuse to be silent about it. On this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Day 2013, I must remind The Williams and the world of one of his famous quotes. Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Martin Luther King Jr.

How dare they SCAM  a  Pastor? A Charity Founder? A Journalist? And then tell him not to talk? I am a very careful businessman who stated my first enterprise in St. Kitts - Nevis at age 13 printing T-shirts with my mother's hand iron and grew it into now I am age 26, and this is the first time I was ever caught like that. The Williams Did  a GREAT  JOB  at getting to fool me. I must commend them highly. As I celebrate 10 years in business this year, NO  ONE  EVER  GOT  THROUGH  TO  ME.

After DUE  DILIGENCE - Who wouldn't trust them? They run a Registered Business on called Integrity Pro Cleaning LLC. They have facebook pages opened and advertise all over the internet. Their Linked In Profiles Suggest that Mr. Steve Williams worked for CITIBANK. Who wouldn't trust them Mr. President?

After MR. Steven Williams emailed me through LINKED-IN  FIRST,  (I never reached out to them) and from his communications, he really stole my heart as I NEVER PAY UPFRONT  FEES.  After being SCAMMED via Linked-In, as an Investigative Journalist, I started reaching out to others to see if they too were ever scammed or contacted by Steven Williams. CHA CHING - Many people were - but some were wiser than me. Some I guess keep quier because Mr. Williams threatens to SUE  THEM. Some would never talk out due to the fear of becoming a VICTIM. The Williams, from talking to their friends I found on Facebook, seem to be very RESPECTABLE people in the Fort Lauderdale area and this has shocked many. WHITE  COLLAR  CRIMINALS  ARE  ON  THE  RISE  MR.  PRESIDENT and making POOR  PEOPLE  LIKE  ME - VICTIMS. I am just one out of the many to talk up.

Mr. President - I tried to keep this matter on a DOWN-LOW, since they claim to be Christians as I thought something just went bad and said just send back my money. They stopped responding to my calls, my emails etc. I used Facebook to reach out to their friends and church members. They started telling them that they provided service to me and I didn't want to pay. What CLEANING  SERVICE  can  they provide to a Caribbean Pastor and Charity?

Their service was to provide us a Loan to help advance our business that supports the charity so we can do more as we celebrate 5 years in ministry this 2013.

They still haven't returned the monies that were sent before Christmas. We took most of our fundraising and sent to them since they promised a loan between 3 - 5 days or the contract would be void. (Email to see the contract and ALL of Mr. Willaims and his Wives Emails)

They caused dozens of children to miss out on a Christmas Gift. They caused dozens of needy adults to miss out on their annual food hamper and they don't seem to care.

Since The Lauderhill Police Station seems to be very tardy in dealing with this international case - I decided to write to you sir to draw this to your attention. I have built my own FRAUD  CAMPAIGN  WEBSITE  TO  EXPOSE  THE  PREDATORS  and explain my case to the world-  and help people BEWARE. I think that is one of my duties as an ordained minister - TO  HELP.

Sir, In closing, may I suggest to you, that this could be ANOTHER one of the reasons why there are so many GUN  CRIMES  IN  THE  USA. If this were to happen to someone else overseas or even in the USA who wasn't a Pastor or Christian, With the PLAY AND GAME AND SCARED tactics that the WILLIAMS tried to use on me to be quiet, someone else would have probably gone to them and SHOT  THEM  AND  THEIR  ENTIRE  FAMILY  in anger.

I am wiser. I am a technology wiz. I am a Valedictorian. I am a Free Lance Journalist. I am getting an award for being among the top Caribbean Freelance Journalists in about 8 weeks. I have over 300 articles all over the web. Search my name and you'll find everything I'm doing. Thus, I took the other route to use Social MediaI and My writing skills to get your attention and the attention of the folks WHO  WOULD  DECIDE  TO  WORK  EXPEDITIOUSLY. I know this isn't the only case that your FLORIDA  OFFICERS  have to deal with. Point Taken, but having been sending emails, seeing them read and not even a response or call ISN"T  GOOD  AT  ALL.

I belong to Christ. I am his representative, so I wouldn't turn to a gun crime.

Could it be that many of the USA YOUTH and citizens are turning to GUN  CRIMES  BECAUSE  YOUR  OFFICERS  are tardy Mr. President?  I once heard of a story of a gentleman who kept calling the police to complain of an intruder in his yard. He did it for days upon days and they said that they would come and investigate it but it wasn't an emergency. One day, the gentleman decided to call with a LIE. He called and said, "Do you remember the intruder that I kept calling you about? Don't bother to come, I just shot him." The story said that many police cars and ambulances came with Armed Police and they caught the intruder.

Maybe Mr. President - People are tired of LAW  ENFORCEMENT and taking matters into their own hands. So, I want you to know that I follow everything you say and do on the news because I like politics. Your Unilateral decision was good the other day with new Gun Policies, BUT - THERE  IS  A  BUT, that would not stop people from RETALIATING. They would find some other way because, LIKE  ME - People are ANGRY. Probably, you should deal with your POLICE  OFFICERS - provide more training. Let me travel around the USA with my story because I am a registered MOTIVATIONAL  SPEAKER  AND WRITER. You MUST show officers that at a critical time now in history - they cannot afford to be TARDY when people NEED HELP.

How Foolhardy can The Williams be Mr. President? After I notice that I was scammed, I simply logged on to their facebook pages and saved ALL their pictures and family pictures and names of their friends. What if I were a CRIMINAL ? What would I then do in anger?

Could this be one of the reasons why GUN  CRIMES  ARE  ON  THE  RISE?  Could it be that The Williams SCAMMED  ONE  OF  THE  YOUTHS  THAT  RECENTLY  KILLED  and since they turned the youths crazy - they struck?  I am a Pastor, a counsellor, I have dealt with cases where I encouraged youths NOT  TO  TURN  TO  GUN  CRIMES but to Christ. I personally dealt with several cases like this in ministry as a young 26 year old pastor. I never let it reach to authorities.

I am down to earth with them. I am one of the MOST  POPULAR  YOUTH  PASTORS around St. Kitts - Nevis. Call and ask and see all that I am doing through the ministry I founded- .

I won't lie SIR - Steve and Kelly Williams of Integrity Pro Cleaning LLC has brought me to my LIMIT. If they had scammed me of US$1000 I may have let it slide, but it's way more Sir and they cannot continue to do this for a LIVING while Bank of America lets them operate an account and Florida lets them run a busines. See


Mr. President - our Charity needs back ALL its money to do the work of Christ and help the children and needy. We have pleased with The Williams to return it to our Paypal Account: or deposit it on Chase or simply return the wire and they have not been heeding, but yet answer their phones and the emails of others.

How can the USA be allowing FRAUDSTERS  TO  OPERATE  BUSINESSES  and  HAVE  REGISTERED  BANK  ACCOUNTS at  BANKS  SUCH  AS  BANK  OF  AMERICA?  This doesn't taste very good at all.

I am totally ASHAMED of The Williams. They are BLACK  PEOPLE - like you and I and they are making Dr. Martin Luther King Jr turn in his grave on this his Memorial Day 2013 because he fought long and hard for us as BLACKS to rise and be considered PEOPLE in SOCIETY and STEVEN  AND  KELLY  WILLIAMS  are giving us a bad name.

Mr. President, this certainly will not stop me from praying and searching for Outside the Box Capital and Accredited Investors or Angel Investors to help me with my many dreams and ideas that I already have in several Executive Summaries. The Williams have only made me stronger and more aware and given me another JOB  IN  MINISTRY  to teach my following about FRAUD and share their case with the world.

I do believe that there are STILL  HONEST  PEOPLE  IN  AMERICA  and around the world. It is so Sad that Steve and Kelly Williams are helping to make it so hard and complex for SOCIAL  MEDIA.

I do hope that you can help our CHARITY get back its money Mr. President and also bring Justice to these SCAMMERS  who  have joined a REPUTABLE  CHURCH for the sake of making themselves look good and in order to SCAM  INTERNATIONALS.

Mr. President - May I note here though, that The Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force that I have known for years would have never let such a case hang for so many weeks without a response.


Khrystus Wallace, President and Founder
Dare 2 Be Different International

NB: I can be contacted for an interview by emailing: to share my SCAM AND FRAUD  VICTIM  STORY  WITH RADIO, TV, etc. We must put SCAMMERS TO  SHAME  AROUND  THE  WORLD. 

I have all emails, lies, wire receipts together and pictures of The Williams and their family members.

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